Becca Soft Light Blurring Powder review

Hello everyone! So glad to see you reading my blog! So I decided to keep my product reviews going since I have noticed a lot of you are reading them and hopefully find them helpful!

Today I am going to review the new Becca Soft Light Blurring Powder. There has been so much hype about this product all over the Internet, so may reviews both good and bad that it made me get this powder and test it for myself to see what everyone is actually talking about! I have noticed that magazine reviews were very different from the actual customers' reviews so I thought I wanted to get to the bottom of this mystery haha and bought it! I have used it long enough to be able to tell my honest impressions so keep reading if you want to find out what I think!

Before I proceed to my actual review I want to state what this product is and what it supposedly does - so it is a setting powder (which is NOT TRANSLUCENT) with a slight golden beige tint to it which is said to blur out pores, hide any imperfections, give skin radiance, be amazing for baking (will explain what it is later), set concealer and foundation so well that it won't crease or move literally all day.

Now I can actually share how I feel about the product and being a makeup artist can advise some of you on how to use it if you already own it or are planning to buy it.

1) First of all, everyone seems to be obsessed with the packaging - I must agree it is quite cute for a setting powder, the container is nicely done and with a click telling you that it is firmly shut so the powder doesn't get anywhere - which is an advantage. I personally think there are powders out there with a much more appealing packaging - Guerlain Meteorites Illuminating powder pearls for


2) Secondly, this powder is formulated without harsh ingredients such as Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates which is a big advantage for me! We need to always pay attention to ingredient list when buying makeup since it is absorbed by our bodies through the pores. So when buying another cheap product please take the time to read the label and reconsider your purchase!

3) Next, the majority of us are used to setting our makeup with translucent (colourless) powders that are easy to use as you can have any skin tone and don't have to do any matching. Well this powder has a golden beige tint to it which means that it would look a bit differently on various skin tones. If you are very fair the only way you can use this powder is as over blush and bronzer to make them appear more smooth and well blended together and maybe over the parts of the face where you would normally apply your bronzer to give your face a healthy glow. I wouldn't use it to set under eye area as it will darken the skin under your eyes.

If you have a darker complexion, on the contrary, you would use it to set your under eye area and also as a highlighter.

I personally have a medium complexion so I use it to set my under eye area and all over my face to set the foundation.

4) Does it actually blur out the pores?? I think not really. I haven't noticed much difference in the appearance of my pores after using this powder. In fact, if you have enlarged pores I recommend using a pore filling primer first ( Benefit Porefessional primer or Makeup Forever Smoothing primer) and swapping this powder for a translucent or a matte one since any shine would accentuate your pores which we don't particularly want.

5) Does this powder hide imperfections? Not so much. Since it has very light coverage it can't really hide imperfections. So if you have problematic skin try using a full coverage foundation under this powder.

6) Does it smooth fine lines? I think it does a great job of smoothing out the skin texture and fine lines overall. The skin looks healthy and smooth to my mind. But obviously it can't do the job on its own without a primer and a great foundation.

7) Does it make skin more radiant? Yes it does in a way. It is not a highlighter but it has some light reflecting particles which make skin appear more radiant but yet not shiny.

8) Is it great for baking? Just in case you don't know what baking is when it comes to makeup - it is

applying a fair amount of setting powder to areas that need more attention such as under the eyes, around the nose or to accentuate the contour and leaving it there for a while so that the body heat helps set your makeup and lets the powder absorb excess oil as well. So to my mind it does an ok job but you have to consider your complexion again before baking with it. I personally don't use it to bake, frankly speaking I hardly ever use the baking technique at all but that is a whole different blog post!

To sum it all up I must say that Becca Soft Light Blurring powder is a great powder to use on the daily basis if you are medium to dark skin. It does a great job setting the concealer and foundation, gives skin some radiance and somewhat smoothes out the skin texture. It is definitely not a miracle product that would totally change the appearance of your skin and I don't think it blurs out the pores at all.

So I wouldn't recommend buying it if you already own a good setting powder like a Laura Mercier Translucent powder for example. But if you don't own a setting powder and want to try something new for summer you can definitely give it a go.

Hope you find this review somewhat helpful and let me know if you have any other thoughts regarding this product! XO

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