Dior Nude Air Serum foundation review

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The other day I was reorganizing my makeup, which was a tough job considering what a makeup junkie I am, and looking through all the foundations I have an idea came to my mind how hard it can sometimes be to choose that perfect foundation. There are so many brands and so many kinds of foundations out there that sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming to choose one and even I myself being a makeup artist get sometimes lost as to which one to buy. The companies definitely do a great job advertising their products. But often expectations and reality differ. So I decided to write a foundation review once in a while to share my thoughts on the products that I have used for a while.

Today I am going to review Dior Diorskin Nude Air Serum foundation. It is a fairly new product and I was pretty excited to try it. I have owned a few Dior foundations and really liked them all so my expectations for this one were pretty high.

First of all I have to mention that I have fairly normal skin with little pigmentation and yellow undertones. So I was looking for a lightweight foundation that would have light to medium coverage since I don't have many imperfections to cover. I also like to choose a foundation with at least 25SPF and preferably one that contains some sort of skin care as well. So a serum foundation sounded great.

So here is the list of my impressions and main points I wanted to share with you:

1) It is a liquid - it is a serum so it comes as a liquid with a typical applicator for serums. It may be a bit weird at first as most foundations have a more creamy texture. It takes a few times to get used to using it but it is fairly easy to apply. The applicator I must state is very nicely done and doesn't leave any mess which is important. What is worse than having foundation splattered all over your vanity?

2) You only need a few drops - it is a pretty concentrated product so little goes a long way. I normally apply just a few drops over the face and then spread and blend.

3) Easy to blend - I use my Sigma F80 foundation brush to apply this foundation, but a beauty blender would work great as well. It is very easy to blend and you can build it up for more coverage as well.

4) Dries to a powdery finish - I must say that it dries and sets pretty fast so you don't waste a minute when blending it. The finish you get is pretty matte and powdery so it is definitely not the foundation for strobing.

5) Feels very lightweight - once you have it on it almost feels like you have nothing on your face which I like. I use a Smashbox Cosmetics Primer oil before applying this foundation and my face feels very nicely moisturized. I have come across reviews when people said that it is very drying on the skin, but personally having normal skin and using a moisturizing primer I have no problems at all.

6) Longlasting - I am very pleased with how long this foundation lasts. I set it with just a tiny bit of translucent setting powder and wear it all day without any touchups.

7) Light to medium coverage - I personally think that this foundation would be the best match for someone who has fairly good skin. It smoothes out the fine lines, blurs the pores and hides imperfections nicely but if you have acne scars, heavy pigmentation I wouldn't recommend it. You would benefit from a foundation offering a full coverage in that case.

Useful tips:

1) If you have dry skin and decide to give this foundation a try use a moisturizing primer before applying it.

2) If you have any areas with flaky skin try to exfoliate well prior to applying this foundation. Since it dries to a powdery finish it will accentuate those areas not in a flattering way.

3) If you have just a few spots that have pigmentation or acne just use a colour correcting concealer under the foundation and the concealer that matches your skin tone over the foundation to hide these imperfections.

Overall I am pretty satisfied with this foundation and really like wearing it daily. It is easy to apply, lightweight and long-lasting and works great for me! Hope you find this information and tips some what useful if you decide to give this foundation a try! Let me know if you like it or not in your comments! It is always great to hear your thoughts!

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