Tarteist Pro Amazonian clay palette review

Hello everyone! So excited to see you reading my blog! Hope you find this post informative and helpful!

As a makeup artist I always monitor the new beauty products that appear on the market. I know that the amount of the trendy products can be overwhelming and needless to say they tend to be pretty pricey so it is nearly impossible to buy them all. And frankly speaking not all of them are worth spending your money on. That is why I decided to post a product review once in a while as I get to try the product and can share my 100% honest opinion whether it is truly amazing or a complete waste of money.

Being a makeup artist and a makeup junkie I am constantly on the hunt for eyeshadow palettes that I can use on my clients and those I can use myself (I personally never use the products from my freelance kit on myself for sanitary reasons). It is not always easy to find a good eyeshadow palette that would contain the usable colours. By saying that I mean the colours which will be actually used on the daily basis and on special occasions. I have had so many eyeshadow palettes that would have a few random colours I would never use! Of course there are also options when you can customize your own palette but for that you need to know exactly which shades and textures would suit your eye colour and skin tone the best but that would be a whole different blog post.

So about a month ago I added this beauty that is Tarteist Pro Amazonian Clay palette by Tarte cosmetics to my freelance makeup kit. I have had enough time to play with it and used it on my clients a lot and feel like I can finally write a review and share how I feel about it.

First of all, this palette contains a lot of decent sized eyeshadow pans which means it will last you quite a long time. There are 16 matte shadows and 4 shimmery ones - a pretty good number to my mind.

Secondly, the colours are really well selected - there are cool and warm shades to cater to pretty much any eye colour and skin tone - which is awesome. They are also organized in a way that would make creating looks pretty easy. Moreover, all the colours are very usable in my opinion - so you will be able to turn to this palette on the daily basis for easy every day looks and for more complex ones. Just to note the blue-ish shimmery colour (trendy) in this palette really reminds me of MAC blue-brown pigment. Once applied on a light base it will appear more brown, and more blue on a dark base.

Next great thing about this palette is the pigmentation of the eyeshadows - it is pretty good! The only thing I would keep in mind that the lighter matte shades are not as pigmented as the darker ones so when applied all over lid they wouldn't stand out too much and using them as colour washes would be your best bet. Obviously the eyeshadows will work better and stay on longer with an eye primer. You may choose an eye primer of any brand you like and any colour depending on the look you want to achieve.

Also when working with extremely pigmented eyeshadows watch out for the fall out. A little goes a long way with this palette so when you pick the eyeshadow with the brush tap off the excess before applying or use the shadow shields if you prefer.

Last but not least I must say that the shadows in this palette are fairly easy to blend. Just remember as I have already pointed out when working with darker matte shades to pick a tiny bit of product with the brush and tap off excess. As I say it is always easier to add more than to add less haha.

Overall, if you have good makeup brushes you will be able to achieve amazing results when working with this palette.

So to sum it all up, I generally loved this palette! I love the diverse colours, the formula, pigmentation and I think it is well worth the price I paid for it which was 69CAD. I keep reaching for it when I do my client's makeup and it has definitely quickly become one of my favourites.

Here are a few links where you may find this palette if you are considering to purchase it



And here are a few makeup looks I have created using this beautiful palette!

Hope you found this information helpful! As always would appreciate any feedback so leave your comments! XOXO

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