Valentine's Day makeup ideas

Just looked at my calendar this morning and yay it's already February - which means that Valentine's Day is just around the corner! I am sure most of you have started thinking how to surprise the special people in your lives with lovely gifts, planning parties, picking out outfits and accessories and of course stocking up on chocolate! I love holidays and all the excitement they bring! While choosing a perfect outfit for the occasion might be pretty exhausting, choosing that perfect makeup look shouldn't add more stress haha! So I decided to come up with a few makeup ideas to make life easier!

1. An easy romantic makeup look for those of you who don't like to spend too much time doing their makeup but still want to look special, For this particular look I chose three shades of pink eyeshadow - peachy pink in the crease, light pink on the lid and darker brighter pink along the upper and lower lash line, a nude eyeliner in the waterline to make eyes look brighter and bigger and mascara! Just add a bit of bronzer, a pinky shade of blush, a highlighter and a nude lip. As simple as that!

2. Here is one more makeup idea that is not going to take much time and doesn't require advanced makeup skills. A shimmery or matte light pink, champagne or taupe (whatever you prefer) eyeshadow all over the lid. I added some MAC eye gloss on top for fun - but you will probably want to skip this step. For extra pop of sparkle you may add a bit of loose sparkly pigment by pressing it onto the lid with your finger or even some glitter (you will need to apply some glitter glue first to make it last longer and not fall all over your face). Next add a bit of bronzer, blush, highlighter and pink lipstick topped with a clear or pink gloss.

3. If you prefer classic makeup this look will probably suit you the best - a classic cat eye with red lips. I started by applying a peachy brown matte eyeshadow in the crease with a blending brush, then added a champagne beige satin eyeshadow all over the lid and on the brow bone and finished with a black winged eyeliner. To make your eyes look less tired and brighter apply a nude or white eyeliner in the waterline. For extra glam you may glue on some false eyelashes as well. Proceed by applying some bronzer, blush and highlighter. To create that perfect red lip that doesn't move line your lips with a red lip liner, top it with a red lipstick and contour your lips with a concealer that matches your skin tone to prevent lipstick from running. (I will make a detailed blog post on how to create that perfect red lip some time later!)

For this particular look I decided to create an ombre lip by adding a lighter beige lipstick in the centre of the lips and blending it with the red.

4. Now moving on to a more complex look! I love smokey eyes in all different variations - so here is a smokey eye with a pop of pink in the waterline. I started by applying a black gel eyeliner on the lid trying to stay closer to the lash line and not to cover the crease area, further I smudged the eyeliner with a clean brush so that there are no harsh lines left (you have to be fairly quick doing this since the eyeliner sets fairly fast) then I applied a matte brown eyeshadow in the crease and blended it with the eyeliner. Our gel liner acts as a base for the eyeshadow that we will apply on top of it all over the lid - I chose a dark black-brown with gold shimmer. The key to a good smokey eye is blending! So make sure there are no harsh lines! I proceeded by applying the dark black-brown eyeshadow along the bottom lash line and blended it with the brown that I put in the crease earlier. Finished with a touch of gold shimmery eyeshadow or highlighter in the corner of the eye and on the brow bone and lined the waterline with a pink waterproof pencil eyeliner. The eyes are done! I personally added a pink lip to this look but you can go with the nude lip as well!

5. One more makeup idea that is pretty fun and unique if you want to impress that special someone or just want to stand out of the crowd at a party. First the eyes - I started by applying a matte copper eyeshadow in the crease, then a pinkish red satin eyeshadow all over the lid, lined the upper and bottom lash line with a dark brown pencil eyeliner (more heavily on the bottom lash line to make a statement), smudged the pencil liner with a dark burgundy eyeshadow. Finished the eyes by applying the same pinkish-red eyeshadow below the liner and the copper matte eyeshadow that I had applied previously in the crease below the pink eyeshadow, then added a gold highlighter in the corner of the eye and on the brow bone. The eyes are done! Proceed with the bronzer, blush, golden highlighter and a pinky-nude lip. I also added a touch of that golden highlighter in the centre of the lips (just applied it gently with my fingertips).

6. Another makeup look that is definitely going to make a statement - a pink-burgundy smokey eye and a red lip! I started by applying a matte dusty rose eyeshadow in the crease of the eyes, the light pinkish-taupe satin eyeshadow in the corner of the eye, a slightly darker shade of pink in the centre of the eye and a dark burgundy matte eyeshadow in the outer corner of the eye drawing a v shape and blending it really well with the matte dusty rose eyeshadow in the crease. Then I added just a tiny bit of purple satin eyeshadow on top of the burgundy one and smudged it along the upper and lover lash line. Some pinkish highlighter on the brow bone, Continue with the bronzer, peachy-pink blush, a highlighter and red lips!

7. And finally a creative makeup look perfect for a fun Valentine's day party, pub crawl or going out clubbing! I started by applying a matte pink eyeshadow in the crease and along the lower lash line. Then dusted a satin pink eyeshadow on the lid. The I glued on some heart shaped glitter all over the lid and the brow bone. You can use a lash glue or any other adhesive of your choice. Just add some pink blush, bronzer , highlighter and a pink lipstick. As simple as that!

I really hope you will find some of these makeup ideas helpful and will be inspired by them! Let me know what you guys think about them and if you are able to recreate them! Feel free to send me some photos and tag me on Instagram and Facebook! Would be so thrilled and excited to see your Valentine's day makeup loves!!! Hope you all have a blast and spend this day with your loved ones! XOXO

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