What to pack for vacation - beauty must haves!

So it is January, which means that winter is here to stay for quite a bit! It also means that lot's of us lucky birds are planning a warm getaway to escape the cold for at least a few days or weeks! Since I have been packing my suitcases for a couple of days now (yes packing for me takes that long - I have 3 little boys and a hubby to pack for haha) I faced one dilemma. I am a makeup artist/makeup and beauty product hoarder and every time I pack for a vacation I find it extremely hard to take only the most necessary products and not load a suitcase full of makeup! So I decided to share with you guys my absolute holly grail beauty and makeup products that I consider to be must haves when you are travelling somewhere warm!

First of all let's start with skin care! We all have skin - and most importantly we are given only one skin when we are born. So we have to try and do our best to preserve what we have and not end up looking like a sun-dried tomato after our vacation!

So Sunscreen is the number one thing to pack! And not just for your body, but it is important to bring a sunscreen cream for your face as well! And preferably with the highest SPF factor possible. Most of you are probably wondering why you need to bring two different types of sunscreen? Well, if you have tried applying a regular sunscreen onto your face and ended up with a break out you most definitely know why! I strongly recommend to bring a sunscreen that is formulated specifically for your face since we all want to look great in those selfies and not have to worry about pimples and oily shiny skin! Here is the link to all the face sunscreens out there http://www.sephora.com/face-sunscreen

The second important thing to bring on a vacation is your skin care essentials - face wash, toner, eye and face creams. If you have found the skincare routine that works specifically for your skin type I would refrain from trying new things on vacation and certainly stay away from using hotel stuff (unless it's a super luxury one which offers those full makeup and skin care kits :)). I normally just buy travel size versions of my favourite products and I am good to go!

Next item that I always bring with me is after sun lotion or a body oil of some sort to calm and moisturize the skin after sun exposure. After having babies I really got addicted to Bio-Oil and just pack a travel size bottle.

Another skin-care related (or sort-of related) item is sun glasses. You are probably laughing right now at how silly I am to mention something that obvious. Well I personally don't leave my house without my sun glasses since my eyes are very sensitive and I want to keep them protected from the sun and this way your under-eye skin is also shielded from the damaging sun. I hate those crow feet and hope to preserve my skin for as long as possible haha!

So now off to the most exciting part - makeup! If I had my own airplane I would probably bring everything I have just in case I need that bright green glitter... Lol! But space is very limited so here are my personal makeup essentials that I can absolutely not cope without:

1) Primer oil - I love Smashbox cosmetics Photo Finish Primer oil and use it as a primer and a moisturizer. Living in Saskatchewan and experiencing extreme heat and extreme cold with dry air keeping skin moisturized and nourished is important. so is when going somewhere warm. I throw it on before going to the beach and before doing my makeup in the afternoon. Here is the link to find it at Sephora http://www.sephora.com/photo-finish-primer-oil-P404235?skuId=1783224&icid2=products%20grid:p404235

2) Tinted moisturizer or very light foundation. Anything that you have in your kit as your summer go-to would do - a BB cream, a CC cream, light coverage foundation. As long as it is a couple of shades darker than your skin is right now. Why darker? You will be spending your whole day outside in the sun and no matter how amazing your sun cream is your face will still get a little suntan. So if you want your face to match the rest of your bronzy suntanned body - bring a foundation that you would normally use in summer. I personally love Hourglass Veil Fluid makeup.

3) Concealer! Most of us have under eye circles, bags or maybe suffer from problem skin so a concealer is something that is very essential to have in your makeup kit. Obviously you have to know what type of concealer to bring to cater to the specific zone of your face and problem. You may ask me in comments and I would be happy to answer your questions regarding the specific type of concealer you need to bring if you don't already own one. I just bring my MAC Pro long wear concealer which acts as an eyeshadow base as well (adore multi tasking products). http://www.maccosmetics.ca/product/13844/10181/products/makeup/face/concealer/pro-longwear-concealer#/shade/NC15

4) A setting powder - if you are using a foundation and a concealer you will need to set them with a powder so that they don't start moving and creasing. I normally bring a translucent setting powder by Laura Mercier as it comes in the travel size.


5) Brow products! I personally am a brow addict and I don't leave my house without filling in my eyebrows. Thy are so important as they frame our face! And no I don't like Instagram brows haha if you know what I am talking about! I like them natural but groomed and filled so I bring my Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow pomade with me. But there are tons of amazing brow products out there including the waterproof ones such as Wunderbrow, Here are some links to what you might like.




6) A small eyeshadow palette or a couple of your favourite eye shadows. I love my eyeshadows and have to throw at least something on my lids or I feel naked! So I normally bring a palette that is a good small size for packing reasons and is neutral enough to go with my wardrobe. Here are a few ideas - Urban Decay Naked basics and Naked palettes, Too Faced Chocolate bar palette, Tarte -Tarteist in bloom palette. There are also a few single shadows options that are absolutely amazing - such as Tom Ford single shadows or Dior cream shadows. The beauty of those that you don't even need a brush to apply them. Just pat them all over your eyelids with your fingers and you are good to go!



7) A bronzer and blush - sometimes they come in little palettes so it is very convenient to pack. Just make sure you bring the tones that are summery and appropriate for your skin tone!


8) A mascara - obviously we can't forget those lashes unless you have lash extensions or have tinted your lashes prior to the holiday. I personally am not the huge fan of waterproof mascaras but if you are planning to throw one before going to the pool you might want to consider bringing that one.

9) A lip conditioner and a lipstick. It is important to keep our lips hydrated so I always have a chap stick or a lip balm in every purse or pocket! If you are not big fan of lipstick you might want to pack a tinted lip balm or a gloss instead. The only thing I can recommend to those of you lipstick fans - bring something hydrating matte lipsticks might not be the best. I personally am a huge fan of Dior and Guerlain lipsticks for being really hydrating and making lips feel nourished!

10) A highlighter!!! A must-have for me! If you are not a makeup-junkie like me you might want to skip this one. But I can not live without that glow so I always pack at least one (and yes I own maybe a hundred so it is a real-life struggle to pack just one). Here are a few options you might want to check out



11) A beauty blender and travel-size brush set - last but not least - you need something to apply your makeup with! A beauty blender is the ultimate tool to apply your foundation and concealer, set your under eye area with a setting powder. Just make sure you soak it wet and squeeze all the access water really well and once it doubles in size it's ready to be used! Once you try it you will get addicted! And I also bring a travel size brush set just to apply eyeshadows, shape my eyebrows, apply bronzer and blush. I love Sigma brushes brush sets for their high quality and pretty affordable prices - http://www.sigmabeauty.com

So that's about it! If you have any other beauty essentials that you personally can't leave your house without please let me know! Maybe I'll adjust my list haha! I would love to hear from you and any feedback means a lot to me!!

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